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Black Friday at Five Elements Living

Friday, November 24, 2017
Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture.

On Thanksgiving, we set aside an entire day a year to give thanks for what we have.
Why run out to shop for more so soon afterward? Instead, spend a couple of hours
in community, basking in gratitude for the good things each of us already has.
Remember, it’s scientifically proven that gratitude improves physical and
psychological health; enhances empathy, self-esteem, and sleep while reducing
aggression; and opens the door to longer lasting relationships.
Through yoga and meditation, we will:  Energize the body and calm the mind.  See clearly that which is fortunate in our lives.  Cultivate lovingkindness for ourselves and others, including challenging
people and circumstances.
You will leave with:
 A sense of peace in the mind and ease in the body.
A clearer vision of your fortunate circumstances, to better balance that which feels challenging in the future.
 A short, written gratitude practice of yoga and meditation techniques, to use weekly or daily to help recapture a sense of sweetness of life when you feel off balance.
 Chocolate! To make life sweet, if not for a week or day, then at least right now!