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Monday, January 1, 2018
Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture.

In winter, nature rests. Light is sparse, and many beings hibernate. Against the backdrop of darkness outside, our interior illumination can shine brightly. While we cannot put our busy lives on hold all season, we can start the New Year by taking time to look within, finding inspiration to last the year.

This New Year’s Day, Sarah Jane will lead us through a three-part practice to ignite the internal fire necessary to commit to re-aligning our lives with our true passion.

Together we will take a journey of renewal involving:
 Meditation for focus and clarity
 Yoga and pranayama for energy and commitment
 Psychological inquiry for uncovering hidden desires
You will leave with:
 A sense of ease and peace with your Self, as you are.
 A clearer vision of where you would like to go.
 A short, written yoga and meditation practice, to do on your own weekly or
daily, to encourage continual re-commitment to your true Self.
 Chocolate! To make life sweet, if not for a week or day, then at least for a moment.