1. The Code of the Village of Massena, Chapter 202, prohibits parades, unless a permit has been issued by the Board of Trustees.
    2. For the purpose of Chapter 202, a parade is defined a any public or private procession, assembly, exhibition, demonstration or playing of bands or music on a street, sidewalk or public grounds in the Village of Massena.
      •   Parade participants will be issued a copy of these rules, prior to participation in permitted parades.
      •   Parade Route must be pre-approved and may-not be altered, without prior approval.
      •   Parades shall not cause unreasonable delays to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
      •   Parade line-up and organization will be done in a safe location, where obstruction to traffic is minimal.
      •   The safety of parade participants and spectators must be a consideration to the parade organizers and committee.
    3. The Chief of Police, or his designee, has the authority to disqualify any float, any group, any vehicle, any person(s) or any participant for violation of safety rules, or for any issue that creates a safety concern.
    4. Parade organizers will not knowingly permit any violations of safety rules to occur. Violators will be disqualified from participation and removed from the parade.
    1. Driver must be the holder of a valid driver’s license.
    2. Motor Vehicles will have a current registration.
    3. Motor Vehicles will have valid insurance, and upon request, will present proof of insurance to law enforcement personnel.
    4. Children that are under the age of 16, riding on floats or vehicles, will be supervised by an adult (over age of 21).
    5. Floats and Trucks MUST have wheel guards on rear wheel.
    6. Candy throwing (or any other items) is NOT ALLOWED from vehicles or floats. If you wish to distribute candy, or other items, have helpers walk beside the float or vehicle and hand out the candy or item.
    1. Must stand behind curbing. Not allowed on roadway.
    2. Not allowed to cross parade route, while parade is in motion. Cross at Police Officer designated location, at the direction of the Officer.